Over the years we have worked on a wide range of applications. Sometimes our customers require a servo drive and motor tailored to exact performance parameters of the application. Other times we are asked to supply a full turn-key control system. Here are a couple of our highlights over the years:

Gearboxes help British Steam Car break land speed record (June 2010)

Masters of the storm (May 2009)

Direct drive motor is solution for revolutionary urban wind turbines (December 2008)

Beefed up servos test jet combustion (April 2008)

Encoder tolerates blast furnace conditions (August 2007)

Bespoke servo solution delivers precision cutting (February 2006)

Turbocharger Production is Speeded with Automated Jigs (February 2003)

Networked Automation System Speeds Helical Insert Production (August 2001)

Servo Drives Control Flying Mirror (March 1999)

If you have an interesting application for us to take a look at why not get in touch?